Organic Non-Pareil Capers In Vinegar – 3.5oz Jar



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    Flora Fine Foods Organic Nonpareil Capers in Vinegar, a gourmet delight that adds a burst of tangy and briny flavor to your dishes. Handpicked from the finest caper bushes in the Mediterranean region, our Nonpareil Capers are renowned for their small size and exceptional taste. Each caper is carefully selected to ensure only the highest quality makes it into every jar. Immerse yourself in the delightful aroma as you open the jar and discover these flavorful capers swimming in a premium vinegar brine. The vinegar infusion perfectly complements the capers, enhancing their natural flavors and providing a tantalizing zing. These versatile capers are a must-have ingredient in your culinary repertoire. Use them to elevate your salads, dressings, sauces, and condiments with their unique and tangy essence. Add a spoonful to your favorite pasta dishes, grilled meats, or fish to bring out their natural flavors and create a gourmet experience in every bite.


    Key Features:

    • Adds a burst of tangy and briny flavor to a variety of dishes, making them a gourmet ingredient.
    • Sourced from the finest caper bushes in the Mediterranean region and handpicked for exceptional quality.
    • Renowned for their small size (less than 7 mm) and superior taste, ensuring only the highest quality nonpareils capers are selected.
    • Infused in Premium Vinegar Brine
    • Each jar offers a delightful aroma, inviting you to savor their exceptional flavor.
    • Ideal for elevating salads, dressings, sauces, condiments, pasta dishes, grilled meats, and fish.
    • Made from 100% organic capers, free from synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.
    • A low-calorie ingredient, perfect for adding robust flavor without significantly increasing calorie intake.
    • Provides essential nutrients including vitamin K, iron, and antioxidants like rutin and quercetin.
    • Meets kosher dietary standards, suitable for a variety of dietary preferences.
    • Suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets, catering to a wide range of dietary needs.
  • Nutrition Facts | Ingredients

    INGREDIENTS: capers 55%*, water, alcohol vinegar*, salt, sugar*, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, acidity regulator: citric acid. *ORGANIC. Drained Wt. 2.11 OZ (60g). Refrigerate after opening. Balance of product to be submerged in fluid. Lot and best before: see cap.

    INGREDIENTES: alcaparras 55%*, agua, vinagre de alcohol*, sal, azúcar*, antioxidante: ácido ascórbico, corrector de acidez: ácido cítrico. *ORGÁNICO. Refrigerar después de abrir. Balanza de producto a sumergir en fluido. Lote y consumo preferente: ver cap.

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