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Traditional Italian food has a way of transporting you to good times, a sense of warmth and home. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has brought our society to a screeching halt and changed our perspective on life as we know it. We are sheltering in place, without our normal daily business and now, taking stock of the things that truly matter. Family times, health and wellbeing and supporting one another – these are the things that have risen to the front and center of our global consciousness due to the pandemic. The truth is, however, these things have always been a consideration here at Flora Foods.

Of course, we could never have predicted that we would all be in the current situation we are in, but family, healthy meals and togetherness, that’s been a part of our ethos since the beginning. Which got us thinking, let’s take a trip down memory lane back to those humble beginnings and highlight how it brought us to where we are today, so you can get to know us better and learn more about what we stand for.

Traditional Italian Food Brought to You with Love

A Story of Humble Beginnings – Flora Foods founder, John Flora, was born into humble beginnings in Bari, Italy. At the young age of ten, John and his family immigrated to the United States – Brooklyn, to be exact. He grew up in the Italian neighborhood of Bensonhurst and, over time, connected to a hybrid of Italian and American roots.

While studying engineering, Flora took a job in Villa Cucci Italian Bakery to help pay his college expenses. His love for traditional Italian food started in his parents’ kitchen but escalated to a new level during his employment at the bakery. Fast forward a bit and founder, John Flora became a name associated with some of the best pizza in Miami, and his pizza parlor was the place to go to find some of the most authentic Italian ingredients for at-home cooking. The rest, as they say, is history.

Our Continued & Unwavering Push for Quality ­– Those humble beginnings in Southern Italy on the Adriatic Sea and later Brooklyn are no longer the in play, but they still permeate through the foundation of Flora Foods. Our traditional Italian food products are required to meet a standard of authenticity and quality to be considered Flora. Our brand is only as strong as the flavor of every product we sell. Our benchmark for quality is our reputation, and we never rest on our laurels.

Family at Our Core – Just like the pandemic has brought our families closer, Flora Foods has always drawn on its family roots as its compass, its north star, its guide to providing customers with the very best in traditional Italian food. Now, however, those family values seem to mean more than they ever did before. As everyone starts to appreciate their families and hold their loved ones dear during a global crisis, we continue to seek ways to bring our family and yours to the top of our mindset, our priority.

Flora Fine Foods is here for you during this time and always. We offer a complete line of traditional Italian foods that can take you and your family back to its roots today and always. As we ride the tide of these tumultuous times, we can hold our families close and keep them comfortable with delicious and nutritious foods. For over four decades, we’ve supported the food goals of families in our community, and while COVID-19 has its grips on our society, we feel an even stronger connection with our community. We wish you all good health, lasting family memories and a continued family bond that lasts forever (along with a good Italian meal, of course).

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